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JAXONY REIGN IS TANTALIZING WITH A “CAPITAL T” . Jaxony Reign is going to be the next thing that takes over indie radio. This emerging Canadian singer/songwriter is showing off what she’s made of with her debut single “Capital T.” “Capital T” is addictive and wholly satisfying with it’s mature, indie-pop spin on a traditional bubblegum pop sound. One listen through turned me into an instant Jaxony Reign fan. “Capital T” is catchy, relatable, and unique, making it a home-run debut release. Her twist on indie-pop makes this single an exceptional stand-out. If this is what Jaxony is bringing to the table as she just begins on her journey in music, I can’t imagine what I’ll be hearing from her on the national radio circuits in two years.” - Sam Reed

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With catchy tunes, polished productions & very easy-on-the-ears vocals, what’s not to love?” - Earshot Distro

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Introducing an artist with a clearly capable and subtly unique, expressive vocal style, Capital T is all at once a mainstream contender and a worthy and memorable hit for the independent scene. The set-up is refreshing, the vocal managing to be all at once calming and high energy – soft yet striking, and perfectly in keeping with the overall mood of the music. Great song-writing, pop-ready and conceptually quirky, with a hook melody that quickly leaves its mark. Expect to be singing along to this one in no time.” - Rebecca Cullen

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The first time I heard 'Capital T' I thought it was catchy, and I wanted to hear it again” - Dan Tong

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‘Capital T’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Meghan Trainor and AllieX. The likable tune possesses fun, upbeat instrumentation flavored with doo-wop and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “Capital T” serves as a fantastic presentation of what listeners can expect to hear from Jaxony Reign in the near future.” - Zangba Thomson

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Jaxony Reign offers us a pop track with a sweet and catchy melody (translated to English from French)” - Julien James Vachon

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If 'Capital T' is an example of her future work, her catchy hooks and outside-of-the-box lyrical ideas will make her music something to watch out for.” - Evelin

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