Capital T - College and Community Radio Play

I found out that "Capital T" has been on the "Earshot Daily" show - therefore played on multiple College and Community Radio stations. 

Thanks so much to Earshot Daily !

Capital T - Review on the "Band Camp Diaries"

Thank you for this great review of 'Capital T'!

"This song is classic, but it’s modern. It’s catchy, but it’s also gritty enough to give you a feeling of listening to a band play in a room. It’s romantic and…

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Stereo Stickman Review of 'Capital T'

Thank you so much for listening to 'Capital T', and for your awesome review!

"Introducing an artist with a clearly capable and subtly unique, expressive vocal style, Capital T is all at once a mainstream contender and a worthy

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Artist of the Week! :)

Thank you Earshot for making me Artist of the Week and for the cool things you said about me!  :D   Thank you also for making it possible for Canadian Indie artists like me to have a way of getting our…

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Music Review - Music Trails

Thank you to Music Trails for the nice  review of 'Capital T'!

"Canadian singer-songwriter Jaxony Reign delivers the catchy pop song “Capital T” as her first single released in 2021. In the song she expresses her feelings about unexpectedly falling

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Interview on Dan Tong Indie Music Podcast

Dan Tong and I had a great chat on his all Indie Music show!  He wanted to know about my songwriting, about my songs, and we talked about what "Capital T" is about.  He also played both "Let the Credits…

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